The Importance of Planning

Back in the day,  I was an expert at procrastination. In fact, during my high-school years I would often come down with a “sickness” on the day  a project was due.  When others responsibly began work on a hefty assignment weeks in advanced, I’d wait until the night before and  anxiously plop myself in front of the computer and hope for a miracle. Many cups of coffee and a few nervous breakdowns later, the work got done. Given my tight time constraints, I never left time for planning. I’d open my reference materials and write. There were no outlines, no note cards, just frenzied reading and an out pour of information onto the page. Once I finished, much effort was needed to rework my thesis and adjust transitions and paragraphs to effectively bring across my point. Looking back, it was a very unorganized and stressful process.

When I entered college I changed may ways. Granted, I still had bouts of procrastination, but for the most part, I became a planner. Research was performed in advance and outlines formed and revised. If I pushed the actual writing off to the night before, it wasn’t too bad as I had a predetermined plan of attack. Today, as a professional advertising copywriter, I’ve come to realize the importance of careful planning;  especially when considering the work required for search engine optimization. As a website viewer, you visit a page of copy and quickly glance over the material without understanding the work that has been put in behind each page. Hours are spent researching search patterns and formulating detailed content plans with specific keyword assignments. The online copywriters then craft copy that contains the right combination of search terms to drive traffic, but in a matter that sounds natural and engaging. With such detailed work, procrastination is definitely not an option.

The same calculated planning goes into all projects we undertake. The video department generate detailed storyboards and formulate screen actions before conducting a video shoot. The programmers create extensive database plans prior to forging ahead with a custom programming job, and the website architects research search patterns to determine the most beneficial site menu structure. Every great work that our full-service advertising agency completes has a great plan behind it to ensure quick production processes and solid end results for our valued clients.