The Monday Agenda

It’s Monday and I am feeling the repercussions of a busy weekend. Today, I anticipate making numerous trips to the coffee machine in hopes of rejuvenating my reluctant energy level. Like everyday, there is a long list of “to dos” and no time for daydreams of my comfy bed. So, on to coffee number two and task one of today’s agenda.

Task 1: Tying up Loose Ends. As a Project Coordinator, it is my responsibility to cross every “T” and dot every “I.” Each project has its own deadline, set of contacts, and priorities. From new search engine optimized websites to tradeshow graphics and custom brochures, client questions must be answered, requests must be finalized, and goals attained. And like every Monday, the email and agenda queue are long.

Task 2:  Content Development and Coffee Number Three. In terms of content development, I am currently writing search engine optimized copy for two websites, one of which is our own, DDA Corporate and Medical Training.  For these pages the creative and online copywriters utilize a combination of highly searched keywords to guarantee high rankings on the first pages of Google. Script writing is also on my agenda.  In this instance of script development, my goal is not to create market heavy content, but rather clear and explanatory text that will be utilized in a training video and CD-ROM.

Task 3: New Business Development and No More Coffee (the caffeine has performed its magic). Being a member of the New Business Development Team means inquiry conference calls, quote development, and follow-ups. Today I plan on tweaking an existing quote for an exciting interactive website. As a full-service advertising agency that specializes in all things digital, the variety of projects vary and we strive to offer the most affordable services while maintaining the highest caliber of work.  

Task 4: Planning tomorrow’s agenda and then its homeward bound!