The SEO Jigsaw

Today I plan on dedicating the majority of my time to Corporate and Medical Training content development. DDA has set out to expand its website and highlight its ability to generate complex technology-based training methods that effectively inform. Through training corporate or medical videos, custom e-learning programs, intranets, or Continuing Medical Education websites, corporations large and small can exponentially cut down on training expenses with invaluable job training techniques generated by DDA.

This new extension of the DDA website will feature 90 plus pages of search engine optimized corporate and medical training content. The online and creative copywriters utilize a plethora of highly relevant keywords to draw prospective clients to our site to not only inform, but to engage. We must find the perfect balance of keyword utilization, content relevance, and readability. If any one of these elements is neglected, the effectiveness of the writing is compromised.

The process of SEO copywriting can be tricky. The goal is to include the keywords Internet users are searching, but in such a way that the objective is not obvious. It is almost like putting together a complex jigsaw puzzle. You may want to jam two pieces together that do not fit, but time and concentration is needed to find the correct combination of words. When the pieces are correctly joined, the final result is one that is appealing, useful, and informative to all.