The Source to Quality Advertising

Today I will finalize a page of copy I am currently writing for DDA’s site. The topic centers on the popular trend of sourcing work to offshore solutions. With the ease at which information can be shared, it is not uncommon for creative companies to outsource their work to cheaper resources overseas. Custom programming, Search Engine Optimization, design, and content development  are all tasks many are quickly washing their hands of, and oftentimes, hide this fact from clients.

At DDA, we consider ourselves a full-service agency. That means whatever the need, our team of degreed and professional advertising copywriters, custom programmers, graphic designers, and videographers will provide the soltuion, in house. With all creative minds residing under one roof, our clients are guaranteed a cohesive end result that effectively conveys the appropriate marketing messages and functionality. There is no “Middle Man” or agency that outsources the work to outside firms. We are simply the source to high-end digital advertising solutions.