To follow suit or to lead the way?

With the recent passing of Michael Jackson, news of his life, legacy, and upcoming ceremony have inundated all lines  of communication. From news programs to social networking sites, stories of Michael Jackson have saturated the market, feeding the public’s need for information concerning this iconic star. Whether you are a fan of his work or not, one cannot deny the success of his career. But what was it about this man that sparked admiration from fans across the world? Was it his unique sense of style? His dance moves? Or, his voice? The answer is found in all of these things. Put simply, he was an innovator. When he introduced a new dance move or video style the music industry would soon follow suit. His work was exciting, inspiring, and worthy of admiration.

Whether the genre is music or business, the pursuit of innovation can be greatly rewarding, but in the same breath, risky. Stepping out of the box of conformity is not an easy task. By exploring new realms never before ventured, their is no certainty of success, but when you’ve struck a chord with the viewing public, the benefits are exponential. At DDA, innovation rests at the foundation of all that we do. We are not content following suit and prefer to lead the way in website design and development, corporate and medical video productions, interactive training programs, and more. Throughout DDA’s 15 years of service, its staff has pioneered several technologies such as Onlivemation and Interactive Integration that has positioned our services above other digital advertisers. Today, we are continuing this tradition with the introduction of DDA Interactive. From interactive websites and eCommerce destinations to video, software, and eLearning, we push to involve the user for engaging technology-based applications that redefine accepted norms of technology.