Train Well to Perform Well

Yesterday my Dad took my younger brother and me out to dinner. Nothing fancy, just a local Italian restaurant. What we thought was going to be at most an hour event, ended up over two-hours. Our waitress was manning the restaurant on her own and her inexperience coupled with a packed house, resulted in a less than satisfactory dining experience. From a lack of silverware and order confusions to spilled drinks and bill errors, it certainly was not a good night for our waitress. She hit a threshold after spilling a glass of water on a patron. At that moment, her  composer smashed to the ground like the dropped glass. She then spent the next 30 minutes serving tables through tears. It was a hard thing to watch. If only she had a bit more training, she might have been able to salvage the night.

Don’t let the aforementioned happen to your corporate or medical organization. Instead, prepare your workforce for everyday work challenges with technology-based training platforms designed and developed by DDA Medical. The interactive platforms we create immerse employees in simulated environments in which they can practice their skills and learn to work as efficiently and safely as possible. If a mistake is made, there will be no outbursts from angry clients, no damage to expensive equipment, or harm inflicted to surrounding clientele or personnel. Instead, valuable lessens will be learned to ensure that when it comes time to apply learned material to real processes, employees will have confidence  backing their actions.

But why choose DDA for corporate and medical technology-based training? We are a full-service medical marketing and communications company pushing the boundaries of innovative interactive technologies. From simulating complex medical procedures through detailed 3D animations to quizzes and accreditation, it can all be done here, in-house affordably and efficiently.