Video Webcasting

If you ever joined DDA in a conference call, you are well aware of our fondness for utilizing the latest meeting tools. With online screen-sharing software that enables you to see our screen and a live webcast of our team, we are able to offer our clients a face-to-face meeting format without having to trouble you to visit our facility.  In fact, we recently integrated a similar video feed into our high-tech video studio. As many of our clients are located states away, in-person review of a voiceover narration  or video recording isn’t always a possible reality. With that said, DDA’s on demand Internet webcasts allow clients to provide immediate feedback to ensure satisfied results.

Over the past several years, live streaming video has taken on immense popularity with corporate and medical facilities alike. With it, individuals can view important conferences from the comfort of their own home or office. Or, live webcasting can be set in place for training purposes for face-to-face device demonstrations and troubleshooting. Plus, all webcasts can be archived and stored in a resource library for repeat viewing and reference. Not only can we compress the footage for smooth video streaming, we can integrate flash navigation controls and develop an attractive player interface for  enhanced user expereinces.