A Word Of Advice

De-pend-abil-ity (with excuses to Webster for excluding diacritical markings).

Recently, we had an old client who gives us work now and then turn to us for some production work because he lost his graphic designer before the gentleman finished his catalog. How unprofessional of that designer.

In anyone’s life and world, there is no noun that makes a sweeter sound than that one word, dependabilty! Think of its usage, a trustworthy report, a dependable friend, and in the world of advertising and marketing, “the degree to which a company is capable of performing its required function…”

I’m here to tell you, DDA is dependable. Whether clients require us to create a website from scratch, develop content for it that is SEO strong, go on location for a video or photography shoot, design logos for a new product or business, come up with a marketing and branding campaign, DDA performs.

After the dog days of August, marketing and sales managers will start combing the internet for the right vendor for their Fall and Winter projects. Many will string a search in their Google search box like “medical video production” or “custom programming” or “Ipad friendly services” and find DDA because we will be on the first page of Google.

Our passion for turning out sophisticated, unique custom work is displayed in our portfolios for all to see. Smart companies know that you should choose your marketing company based on its core competencies and its dependability. DDA is here to serve.