Apple vs Apple

How much do you know about the apple? Not the one creating all the buzz of the moment (more on that later).I’m referring to the fruit. Here are some interesting facts. Historians believe the apple tree is the earliest tree cultivated by man. (Shades of Adam & Eve). The tree’s origins are rooted in the Middle East and from there it has spread to most of the world. Apple trees can live to be a hundred. There are over 7000 cultivated varieties, 2500 of which are grown in the US.

The apple has long been considered a true health food because of the photonutrients contained in its flesh.  Remember when you learned, an apple a day keeps the doctor away?

Three less known varieties you should try to eat or cook with, the Arkansas  Black and the Cameo for cooking, and the Idared for snacking, simply because biting into a pink apple sounds intriguing.

Then there is the Macintosh. No not the fruit, but the computer system that has launched a universe to enrich the lives of anyone wishing to embrace it.  How many people live in this Mac world?  Well, for starters, today there are 85 million IPhone and IPod Touch in use. IPhone users have downloaded 4 billion (yes, billion) apps to date and the recently launched IPad has sales of 500,000 and climbing. Indeed, according to the grand plan of Steve Jobs, no one should need more in this technological era. He has provided for all your media needs.

What does it mean to DDA since we are primarily flash developers? It means we need to spin on a dime. Something we have done more that once in our marketing and advertising agency. And we have started working on becoming a Go To company for flash conversion not only for our clients but for any other company out there looking to be Ipad ready.