Emails, Laptops And Tea

A few days ago, David & I had dinner at a posh restaurant. The couple sitting behind us seem to be carrying on an animated conversation, the woman doing most of the talking. But when I got up to go to the ladies room, I noticed that she was on her cell and he was busy on his blackberry. Why bother to be alone together?

The whole concept of interactivity is intriguing, but it also creates a myriad of problems and can be isolating instead of inclusive. Personally, I feel that when you are out at a dinner with others, you should pay attention to the folks gathered at the table. Same holds true in the business arena. I think decorum requires that there are times when it is totally inappropriate to be attached to your iphone, blackberry, laptop, cell etc.

Interactivity should be a positive, invigoring phenomenon that helps all professionals who work as we do at DDA, do our work better. Faster when necessary (which is often for us), but never at the expense of true human contact.  There is no replacement for looking someone in the eye when sharing facts or good news or maybe even something sad. Too may of us rely heavily on email (checking it day and night), IM, etc.

Be civilized, share a cup of tea too. It will keep you grounded…make you a better listener…a better coworker, client, boss.