Finish What You Start

This year it should not be the “dog days of August” but extended to the “dog days of summer” hopefully ending soon. I know those of us who live and work where there are four seasons look forward to spring and summer, but for me this summer is a bust and I can’t wait for cooler weather.

This love/hate relationship with the weather reminds me of the ups and downs of working with clients. DDA is lucky that we can count many very professional sales and marketing clients in our roster. Kudos to these individuals who sit with our business development team, flesh out a website, sign a quote, refine the project further within the parameters of their stated budget and pay attention to the development of the new site. Both sides, our staff of graphic designer, web developer, programmer and the client and his team finish the project proud and happy.

Then there are clients who think nothing of dropping in and out of a project (I can think of a medical video that’s really long in the tooth because the doctor in charge is waiting on the manufacturer developing a tool he uses, and several web projects that are in varying degrees of construction).

Whatever the reasoning, it is smart not to let dust gather under a project. Better to close it and come back to DDA when the motivation is there to forge ahead. Marketing and promotional efforts like everything these days is driven by tight budgets, but leaving a website or a medical video presentation, or a brochure on the virtual shelf is a total waste of time and energy for the client and for us.

Bad planning serves no one well.