From The DDA Video Archives

When the alarm clock goes off at our house, it is still pitch dark outside. But I know it is morning because of the bird choir earnestly practicing their trilling. The other morning, David put Andre Bocelli on, and forgot to turn down the outside speakers, and the birds thought he was one of them. It was actually delightful to listen to bird and human harmonizing in the dawn dark. If I knew how, I would try to capture audio of the phenomenon.

The guys at our full-service video studio, Laurence our Director of Interactive, and Jake one of the Video Artists could do it, and create a new musical sound in the process. Of course, I doubt that we could see the little creatures because there is no light that would approximate the rising sun, and maybe even soft led lights would squash their morning enthusiasm.

But there are other video projects we are involved in that showcase our talents and creativity. Check out our video portfolio.

One I am particularly fond of involved New York City and a couple of animated dogs pounding the Manhattan pavement. Laurence spent a day with the video cam taping the paths the dogs would take, and what they would see from their perspective.  Melissa, one of our graphic designers created the dogs, and Rob who does a lot of flash work brought them to life, and  actors from our Actors’ Gallery provided the voices. It was great work. The client was thrilled but decided not to use it, because of some problem with the company he was working for. So we archived the project. Hopefully, one day the client will call and say, “Let’s dust that project off;  I know how we can use it.” That would be a happy phone call for all of us at DDA.