Green on my Mind

I have a confession to make; green is on my mind heavily these days. In my personal life, I would be classified as an average recycler. You know, turn off lights, don’t let the water run while brushing your teeth, always fill the bins correctly–paper in one, glass in the other, plastic washed and clean in the last bin, don’t use pesticides on the grass. Meaningful, but very small measures in the global scheme.

The statistics on how much it costs to produce plastic bottles, bags, etc. for American use is staggering. It turns out paper products like grocery bags cost even more. Our streams and rivers are more polluted with discarded prescription medicines and antibiotics.  So, at DDA, I am trying to make us truly aware of what a careless society we have become. The first suggestion on how all of us can be more avid as a group came from Laurence, our Director of Motion Arts. “Why don’t we bring our own cups, dishes and utensils?” Great idea. In a couple of weeks, anyone from writers to programmers to designers will have a spot in the kitchen only for their stuff–just like camping. And we are donating clothes, shoes, toys, dishes, pots and pans, and small electrics to American Cancer Research for their fundraising efforts.

Any time we can extend the life of an item by not discarding it, we help the environment. The full impact of less trash is visible when you consider the landfill and the numerous trucks carting waste into Pennsylvania from New York. So less waste has only positive impact on our economic and personal lives. Next, I would like all of us at DDA to repurpose paper. As a creative house, we go through a lot of paper. Let’s reuse.  Take it home for the kids to draw on (Jessie has been doing this for years), use the second side for notes at your desk. Think before you print an article–can you just read it on line. To all staffers, thank you for trying. 

“Treat the earth well. It was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children.” Ancient Proverb