IPad, The Game Changer

It is Monday at DDA, and there are several internal meetings progressing as we work to figure out how to morph one more time. The reason, the release of the IPad. While we embrace what this new tool can and will do to change the Internet, we have to make sure we are able to competently handle all the issues of website owners who will soon have endless questions if their sites utilize Flash, and there are very few good websites that are not Flash driven or have Flash elements.

So, it is scramble time. But we are up to the challenge. It is not easy to yield to all that is new, but our staff is used to getting ahead of the problem. Our business is technologically driven, and it creates excitement and frustrations simultaneously. But the goal in this adventure is to make sure DDA leads the way in what is sure to become a necessity—converting websites to make them IPad ready.

Stay tuned.