Make Time To Cook

We have a lot of company coming to visit…so last week and this week are flying by. Aside from making sure our home is clean and our house guests are comfortable, we are making home-cooked meals, evidently something very few households do today because of the time factor. We do a lot of grilling, make big, complex, even exotic salads, keep dessert simple (I have great cookie recipes) and good ice cream never hurt. The wonderful thing about this scenario is that everyone can pitch in, sit around and visit, listen to music, and even get up and dance if the spirit moves one. One of our guests remarked, “Isn’t it a shame no one has time to cook anymore.” The cooking together enhances the inviting atmosphere, allows guests to relax, enjoy the interaction, laugh really loudly (something you should not do in a restaurant), and makes for a congenial evening.      

I feel that the way we run DDA is similar. Call it the personal touch, if you wish. The important thing is there is human contact ten hours a day. New clients are pleasantly surprised we do not have voice mail. The copywriters or programmers or graphic designers call the clients they are involved with when needed, or email them with brief questions or comments as a project progresses; our clients know that when there is a tight deadline with a project (as is happening right now in the Video Studio) they can count on the videographers to be working quickly and efficiently to produce what we said we would, on budget, on time. 

What I realize after a whirlwind weekend with company is the vitality of one-on-one communication is still the lifeblood of every great relationship, be it personal or business. At DDA, we look for ways to organically foster this two-way trust. We have even set up a camera in our main conference room, so companies thinking of working with us, whether they are local or out of state, or half way around the world feel some personal connection. I think we are refreshingly different.