Meeting Tight Deadlines

Maybe it is just the really hot weather playing havoc, but several of the DDA crew including David & I have had car problems. Funny how you take your car for granted, and how annoyed you get when it does not perform.

We sometimes get clients that behave similarly. They come to you with several requests for different projects both print and interactive and a very short time line. Of course, we do not accept if we are unable to meet the deadlines. Still, I dread rush jobs. Something always gets screwed up, and it is usually something beyond anyone’s control. Luckily today it is possible to create a copy of a project more than one way. And at DDA we have planA, PlanB and planC.

What do I mean? Well we can send the video by disc to a trade show, but also put it up on a website, so if the disc gets lost (and they do), the client can still show his customers the video on line. No advertising and marketing company had that luxury several years ago. With digital we can create publishing magic, but we have to have cooperation from the client. And it never fails to amaze me how sometimes after we go above and beyond, we do not even get a “thank you”.

We will however always perform because we are consummate professionals, and when we accept to create a trade show graphic or design and produce a brochure and business cards, and put the DDA name on those products we want to be proud of the work, whether the client recognizes what we have done or not, we do, and it matters that we do not fail ourselves or lower our standards.

That’s the DDA way.