Only The Best From DDA

When I was growing up, I balked everytime grown ups would initiate change in my little world. This could be anything from changing a routine to insisting I participate in some “good for you” event, to tasting new food. Since I was facing authority figures, I never got my way. I did however grow up with a heightened sense to adopt to almost anything. This skill has proven its worth over and over again in business.

Who knew I could sell in a retail setting and actually make a living at it, who knew I could start a wholesale apparel showroom and get the product into high-end stores.  Who knew I could successfully cold call when we started DDA, and convince marketing directors they had to listen to our presentation. My formal schooling prepared me to teach or work as an editor, and now my tasks include juggling payroll and budgets and expenses.

See, change is ubiquitous. And the advertising and marketing companies that stay within their comfortable confines will soon find themselves outpaced by a company like DDA which cannot stand still, which asks all of us, no matter our job description to help push the envelope, day in and day out. Our professional writers do double duty as project coordinators for jobs in corporate and medical arenas. Everyday they learn “stuff ” they probably never heard about before coming to work here. Our programmers toil silently writing code that gives the backend of websites necessitating forms and tracking capability an edge on what is available off the shelf. And God bless our Video department for the hours they put into flash programming and video editing. When one looks through our many portfolios it is hard not to recognize that we do custom work. The mantra spoken or silent continues to be, Only the best from DDA.

So ponder this, “The mind that is not baffled is not employed. The impeded stream is the one that sings.” Wendell Berry.