Our DDA Team

If you were to ask ten clients what Dynamic Digital Advertising does for them, you would probably get six or seven different answers. Some clients utilize only our print design and print production services, but these clients come to us for bread and butter business cards, brochures, postcards, and sometimes even a few exotic print projects that include die cuts, special folds, etc. Some clients think of us as their web developer. We build the website, work closely with them to assure their message is clear in word and image, and the site is first rate, and as part of our web services, do their search engine optimization and maintenance work.

I have even heard a client call us “their photographer” because that is all we do for that company. Then there are the clients who work with us because we can take care of all their needs. Maybe this month it is preparing for trade shows and we are tasked with everything from concept to creation of booth graphics to dealing with the trucking companies who deliver the booths and the special furniture and counters, and the extra large TV screens for viewing the videos we created of the client’s product.

So we are a different vendor to different clients. The crucial reality is that as a full-service advertising agency we can and do work diligently to always create custom designs, for each company that chooses to work with us. And we do so with a team that includes graphic designers, videographers, animators, illustrators and some of the best copywriters who also juggle other duties like project coordination. 

If I sound like I am proud of us, it is because I am. I often tell new clients who marvel at the depth of our services, that we are a well kept secret in this business!