Please Join The Green Parade!

If all of us tried 10% harder each day to do something for our environment, the impact would be significant. Were you aware that Americans (according to Canvas Magazine research), use 410,000 paper cups every 15 minutes? So, if we rinsed the paper cup we used for our morning coffee, and used it for our tea break and even for water, and we shared this awareness with other offices, exponentially we could make a dent in the use of paper cups. Such a tiny effort.

Think of other ways you could reuse materials. And speaking of paper,  at Dynamic Digital, we are consciously working to cut down daily paper use. Our content writers produce voluminous pages for clients who hire us to do content development for their websites, and it is tempting to print often, instead, we cc all involved in the project, including the client, thus creating a virtual paper trail. Some of us have old fashioned lunch packs (Amy’s is blue, Paul’s is red). And as the holidays draw closer, our lead graphic designer Carrie has proposed a virtual Thanksgiving Card to send our rooster of clients, saving not only on paper and envelopes, but also on ink and printing!  And so my next green tip (I suggested one on Monday), is don’t buy gift wrapping paper this year for Christmas presents. Use newspaper instead, tie with natural raffia, add some whimsey with magic markers or crayons. Or, if you need that commercial look, pick gift bags and paper manufactured with recycled material Again, a small green gesture that if we each consciously chose this Holiday Season will eventually impact positively on the only world we have.

Also, we are very happy to share our new section dda green ……please join the Green Parade. It is rewarding to realize that we really can be stewards for an eco-friendly, healthy environment!