Pride of Ownership

Take a Sunday drive around Bucks County neighborhoods and you soon discover which home owners really care about their yards. There is no standard as to what an appealing yard should be. Some are large expanses of very green grass with their sprinklers on to fight the July heat. Other owners have chosen the more natural path and used their front yards as a wild flower oasis. And some tracts are strictly loaded with squash and tomato plants. But the common denominator in all these yards–the gardeners care. There is a reason you drive more slowly on certain streets, just to vicariously enjoy the living painting that is a cared for garden. I have actually stopped and chatted with a gardener or two. You should see the surprise in their eyes that a complete stranger would do such a thing.

I feel that your place of business should have the same care. Not just the front lobby, or if you are lucky enough to have a strip of grass, not just getting rid of dandelions, I feel very strongly that everyone who works in a company should feel a pride of ownership.

At Dynamic Digital Advertising, we have put this into practice. All of us, graphic designers, programmers, videographers, seo specialists, animators, writers, marketing and sales individuals take turns at kitchen duty. We try most days to keep our offices and cubicles clean if not orderly. And when we have video shoots (as we are even as I post), it always makes me smile when the client and the actor walk through our front door and comment on how nice our premises are. Then the visitors walk around and are doubly impressed with the organized feel of both floors. (PS Bathrooms are always very clean.) And there is always coffee or seven different teas while one waits or while clients are in conference.

Like home owners who care about their yards, David and I make an extra effort to make the new DDA offices a pleasure to be in Monday through Thursday, ten hours a day. Check us out if you are looking for the best vendor.  We can do anything you want to fulfill your marketing and promotional needs.