Resourcefulness And Sheer Grit

Do you ever start or end the day by giving yourself a pep talk? After 9/11, I had to do that a lot. And once again, I’m finding the need for “note to self, it’ll work or it is going to be all right…” me to me conversations. Part of the problem is there are forces beyond my control that color the way the world looks. Granted, the economic picture is far from rosy, but 95% of folks have jobs, 95% of home owners pay their mortgages on time, there are ten things everyone of us can count as blessings this year, so the henny/penny (the sky is falling) syndrome from the media is unfair.

Why do we focus on what we can’t have, when we already have so much? I don’t hear the experts suggesting that everyone save money and give more meaningful holiday gifts like spending time with those you care about, or baking home made goodies, or even making something, or volunteering to help feed the homeless, or provide them with a clean coat, does not even have to be new.  Whatever happened to those ideas for gifts? As a culture, we have become so materialistic we are only impressed with big and shiny and expensive. Is it  time we change, and value again the ideals that made America strong and successful. Hard work, thrift, resourcefulness.

At DDA, we are working to provide our clients with 110% efforts. Right now, we have several very complicated projects in the house that require incredible skill. Most of the clients involved have no idea that what they are going to get at completion is a very sophisticated medical website or CD ROM presentation, or a multi-layered video that would have cost more time and money at any other advertising agency besides Dynamic Digital. This is the DDA WAY, through resourcefulness and sheer grit always give 110%!