Smart Steps To Success

Our videographers are experiencing a very busy summer. There is a great interest in the business community to add video to the marketing mix, be it embedded in their current website or as a presentation tool, and DDA is happy to oblige.

What surprises me is how many people requesting a proposal have very skimpy information as to costs. Take today for example, our business development team met with a young man who feels he has a wonderful idea for a money making item.  So, he made a few videos to demonstrate his product, and by his own admission “they are awful”. Maybe the more accurate term would be amateurish.

He wants to hire DDA to redo them but he does not want to spend more than the few hundred dollars he used to produce the original ones. Unfortunately, it can’t be done on such a skimpy shoestring. Reminds me of dreaming about your first car. Most of us include every bell and whistle imaginable, but it in the end most first cars are just good enough to get one from point A to point B.

So a word of advice to start ups. Dream big, but don’t expect miracles from the advertising and marketing company you want to hire. If you choose carefully, the right marketing company has the know-how to get you off to a good start. And with hard work, a good idea, and perseverance, you may one day be part of the thousands of successful small businesses that are the backbone of the American economy.