The Dazzle Of Technology

If you isolate yourself from any form of communication for a week, ( no email, no social media time, no TV, no cell phone contact etc.), you would be shocked at how much happens. Some of it good, some of it distressing, some of it just plain gossip. My point? Too many of us do not realize that we are so bombarded with information that we actually are suffering from TMS {Troubled Mind Syndrome), and need to regain our mental equilibrium. But how?

One of our staff members suggested we set up a quiet room where we can spend 15-20 minutes in meditation, listening to music, or just doing some relaxing exercises. It is a good idea, and I hope all with participate in this “refresh your mind and body” exercise.

On the other hand, the dazzle of technology brings with it great potential.  For many months we have been working on a digital tool that will help medical professionals understand how to use our client’s equipment. It is very reassuring that we can impact the learning curve and in the process improve the clinician’s skills, so he or she can more safely save lives.  It has taken patience and dedication and constant follow through on DDA’s part to complete this virtual medical simulation project, and over the weekend in its first unveiling to physicians in a conference in the Netherlands, it passed with flying colors.

There is good and bad in this digital age. DDA strives to create a balance and in doing so provide our medical and corporate clients with truly worthwhile results. No matter what the product is, the whiz kids at DDA can make it sing.