Then And Now In Images

In my first job fresh out of college, I was lucky enough to work for a publishing arm of a major house. It was exciting and I took everything I did very seriously, down to menial assigned tasks. I however, have extremely fond memories of the work I did with photographers. In those days, there were no stock houses that sold images for a dollar or two. Instead there was a long list of professional photographers and endless slides of their work. Fifty percent of the time the image was not quite right and it one of my jobs was to find the right picture and do it quickly.

If the budget allowed, I could even ask the photographer to go out and shoot something new just for us. An image I helped “design”, and recall with pride was one we did for Easter. The senior editor said he wanted something unusual, but it had to have a chick. So I asked the photographer to find someone with really big hands (remember there was no Photoshop in those days), and have him cradle the littlest chick he could find. It worked. We actually ended up using that image as a poster as well.

Today, at DDA, we need endless images for print and web work. Our graphic designers turn to stock houses and in no time have a lightbox filled with dizzying choices. The visual world has changed dramatically. Photoshop manipulation allows a designer to create effects unimaginable when I started in this business.

The results in 2009 however (and in spite of all the technology) are mixed. There are sell sheets and brochures and websites with too many ordinary images. And too often, one begins to see the same stock photos selling different products. Since we are a custom house, we work hard to avoid this duplication. And we also have photographers and videographers on staff, so we can capture that image that speaks volumes.

If it is important to your corporate or medical company to stand out from the crowd through images, talk to our talented staff. We will make sure that a picture will be worth a thousand words!