Thought For Today

The other day, I wrote about the importance of words, of consciously trying to only be positive, no matter the circumstance. Very hard to do, but also very rewarding. The major benefit is it makes you feel good, and that spills into those you interact with. This is crucial in a busy, very active advertising agency like DDA. We create very complex medical videos and design numerous sophisticated forms in our programming department. Our graphic designers continually provide our clients with outstanding design. We are constantly on the phone or emailing back and forth to coworkers and clients, and sometimes it is tempting to go negative, especially when we feel stressed.  Our daily watchwords have to be responsive and client focused.  We are an impressive group doing very complex work, constantly pushing the technology envelope in an effort to stay ahead of the competition, and this can lead to internal misunderstandings and mis-communication. When in doubt, ask for clarification, ask for a time out. It greatly reduces the risk of errors, and it saves time. Saving time is crucial to our bottom line and therefore to our success.

And if we are successful, we improve our happiness quotient, and studies show that happiness is contagious.