Virtual Is Real Too

When I first started working professionally, I found it exciting to be part of the trade show circuit. Well, let me clarify, in the beginning that is. Once you’ve worked a few shows, it gets really tiring. You stand for hours on end, and even if you are enthused by the product or service you are sellling, it is hard to stay motivated for a 4-5 day stint. And some of the hardest hours are those where you have to set up and break down a booth.

Today, many smart companies have ventured into virtual booths, and if you do your homework and pick the right advertising and marketing company to help you transition from physical space to virtual space, you can reap rich rewards in terms of money saved and hours put to better use than standing and smiling endlessly at passersby.

DDA is such a company. Come to us with your wish list. We will get our different teams involved, those who design, those who shoot and edit video, and a marketing team to make sure your message is heard loud and clear. There are many ways to enhance your service and product that do not require the huge budgets that are necessary at trade shows, and in the  digital world our designers and programmers can add value you never though possible. So for your next trade show, talk to us. You will be rewarded, I promise.