Wearing Different Hats

I hold my breath a lot on Mondays. Not that I’m expecting trouble, but the week is off and running and it is hard to slow down because there is so much to attend to. Of course, I won’t get as many things done as I have on my mental list. But I will get done the things listed on my yellow pad, especially those that have to do with AR/AP.

As a full-service advertising agency, it is hard to create a balance. Some weeks, one department can be overloaded, and then the next week that same department can be asking for projects. At Dynamic Digital Advertising, we strive to keep the load balanced. Thankfully, everyone who works here wears more than one hat, so you can turn to Toni who is knee deep in proposals and ask her to write copy for a brochure. Or, you can ask Elise, another of our professional writers to create a log of a website launch so we can show a client how diligent we try to be as problem solvers. Same thing is true with our photographers. There are actually five people on staff (Laurence, DDA’s director of interactive media, Carrie, our senior graphic designer, Jake, a video artist and video editor, Andrew, a content writer and photographer and Melissa, a graphic designer and photographer) who do great camera work, and in a pinch you can even count on David to click away. Ask him some time about his experiences behind the lens.

This is one of the things that make us different and strong at DDA, we each have our priority duties and then when needed, we do supplemental work. Not many companies utilize this model successfully. We strive to perfect it, so our clients can count on us for exceptional work year in and year out.