What Makes Your Vendor Valuable?

How do you distinguish yourself when selling the digital way?

It is not easy because it totally depends on what the prospective client is looking for. The last two years the leading indicator is price. We have had so many requests for projects from video training, to flash/animation, to web design, to branding, to SEO services, we generally win these jobs…unless all the client cares about is price.

What these companies fail to realize is that DDA offers more than a competitive price. We offer true value in the quality and custom designs we create for clients. We provide one-on-one attention, no voice mail at DDA, no waiting for days for someone to respond to a client’s email, a tracking report at the end of every project so the client knows how the time was spent, and an ongoing concern to providing long term solutions when there are issues.

So, as I started out to say, to build a WIN-WIN relationship, a prospect requesting an RFQ from DDA cannot put price at the top of the list. Those who have accepted that challenge and become long time clients can attest to the importance of finding a vendor like DDA who believes in creating work that endures and stays relevant and contributes positively to the clients’ bottom line.