First Time for Everything

This weekend was a busy one, as usual, but Sunday was especially exciting.

My beloved Philadelphia Eagles continued their improbable run through the National Football League playoffs with a stunning 23-11 win over the New York Giants. The Giants are not only one of the Eagles’ most-hated rivals, but they were the top seed in the playoffs, and they were playing at home in front of 70,000 New York fans (in New Jersey, but that’s a separate issue).

Any playoff run for the Eagles would be enough to get me excited (maybe David and Elizabeth will let us wear Eagles attire to work if they make the Super Bowl), but this year is even better. You see, many months ago, some friends and I planned a long weekend in Las Vegas, and scheduled it for Super Bowl weekend. I never imagined the Eagles could possibly make it, but with one more win this Sunday, I’ll be watching from the Vegas Strip while my favorite team plays the biggest game of all (It’s possible you’ll get more Eagles-related blogs from me this week as the game versus Arizona draws near…).

At the end of Sunday’s win over the Giants, they flashed an interesting statistic onto the TV screen. NO game in NFL history had ever ended with a final score of 23-11. Think about that for a second. There are 32 teams in the NFL, and each plays 16 games in a season, meaning well over 10,000 games have been played in the 40-plus years since the league began (I’m no math major). Because football scoring is usually in multiples of 3 (field goals) or 7 (touchdowns), numbers like 23 and 11 are uncommon — but the odds of getting a score that has never happened are pretty long.

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