Forboding Forecast

On Monday night and Tuesday morning, the local TV news programs and websites made you believe that the drive home from work on Tuesday would be more like ice skating and less like driving. The dreaded “wintry mix” was coming hard and heavy, and Bucks County — where DDA is located — was expected to get an icy coating that would make driving treacherous.

And then it rained — that’s all. Plenty of rain, for sure, to go with a biting cold wind, but no snow, no sleet, no freezing rain. Everything was wet, and that was about it. Eventually, my sidewalk and deck did get coated with enough ice to send the dog sliding around when we let her out (providing me with quite a laugh), but it wasn’t exactly the heavy-hitting storm we all expected.

But that’s the way weather forecasting has always been — it is, by nature, hit and miss. No one will get fired at the local news programs, and we will all believe them once again the next time they predict a winter storm.

At a progressive advertising and marketing agency like Dynamic Digital Advertising, we have to be just a little more reliable than the weather forecast. Businesses invest time and money in their marketing and advertising strategies, and count on us to create a product that makes their business shine. Whether it’s a new website development and design project, a virtual trade show, an eLearning solution, or a medical CME (continuing medical education), DDA has the talent and experience to pull it off.

The economic forecast for 2009 is just as bad as the weather forecast was on Tuesday. But like everyone, we’re hoping those economic forecasters are just as unreliable as your local weatherman. Either way, DDA will keep on shining, thanks to our talented programmers, graphic designers, creative copywriters, animators, videographers, and search engine optimization (SEO) specialists. Even in this first week of January, we are bustling around here with projects nearing completion and an assortment of new projects just getting off the ground.

And as of this afternoon, that ground is still missing any sign of ice or snow.