Getting (Inter)Active on the Internet

Last Friday night, my town put on its annual fireworks show. The show was great, and we maximized it by hosting a little get-together at our house before and after the fireworks, stopping only to walk a few blocks so we could get the perfect view of the festivities.

Just a few months ago, the night’s events seemed like they weren’t going to happen. Back in the spring, we received an email from our borough councilman notifying us that the annual rite of summer — which has been a staple of my town since long before I ever lived there — was going to be canceled due to the lagging economy. Everyone was pretty disappointed, but seemed to understand that it was a “luxury” that could be skipped this year.

But just like that, a movement began in our little town. A beef and beer was scheduled, a few local businesses chipped in, and by mid-June, a sign at the borough hall proudly proclaimed “Fireworks, July 3”. When combined with the annual Soapbox Derby on the fourth — an event that has even more history than the fireworks in my town — it was the perfect summer weekend in suburbia, USA.

The movement to save the fireworks began online, thanks to a few younger councilmen and women in my town who have slowly increased the Internet presence of the borough. The old website barely even listed what days our trash would be picked up, but the new site offers downloadable tax forms, profiles of council members, and even a discussion area where residents can post questions and notices about events. It’s nothing fancy, but compared to the old version, it’s an enormous improvement.

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