Highly Caffeinated Thursday

Unlike many of my coffee-loving colleagues who go through a pot or two a day at the office, my workday routine is usually lacking in the caffeine department. If I leave the house at a decent time, I might stop at Wawa for an iced coffee (yes, even in the winter), but usually I come directly to work. Once here, I usually go for tea instead of coffee since: A) Coffee requires a long walk downstairs to the kitchen, while tea is 10 feet from my desk, and B) Coffee doesn’t always sit well in an empty stomach (and I don’t usually eat much for breakfast).

But today, I’m a highly caffeinated creative copywriter and project coordinator. Elizabeth and David were kind enough to take the entire DDA crew out to breakfast at a local diner — and I’m never one to pass up a hearty plate of eggs over easy with a side of bacon and homefries. Since our group was so large, the wait staff brought a few carafes of coffee to leave on the table. And since I have a strange affinity for fresh diner coffee (that should be Starbucks’ newest flavor: “Diner Blend”), I helped myself to anywhere between 3 and 300 cups of the stuff.

Needless to say, I’m a little bouncy today as I write keyword-rich search engine optimized content for a longtime website development client, coordinate revisions for a recently launched custom programming project, and bother my fellow creative copywriters with my foot-tapping, humming, and overall jumpiness.

At DDA, we’re always productive. We have to be, with the wide variety of clients we have and the impressive array of services we offer. Whether it’s a video shoot going on in the production studio, a new website design or trade show display coming out of one of the graphic designer‘s offices, the animators rendering an engaging new 3D animation, or the programmers pounding out line after line of custom website code, DDA is always buzzing.

Today, however, we might be even more productive than normal, what with the satisfied stomachs and all. I’m just hoping my inevitable caffeine crash comes after 6 p.m., allowing me to relax and enjoy one of DDA’s finest features: Our three-day weekend!