Ice Cream for Dinner

Late Monday night, I ran out to the grocery store to pick up some allergy medicine for Andrea after she discovered an empty bottle. On my way down the aisle, there was a display for buy-one-get-one-free pork tenderloins. Since it was Monday, and we didn’t have any dinner plans for the week, I grabbed two of them and left one out to make for dinner on Tuesday.

On Tuesday night I flipped on the oven as soon as I got home, cooked the pork, and made some pasta to go on the side. But as it cooked, Andrea and I munched on a few leftovers in the fridge. By the time dinner was ready, neither of us were too hungry.

But still a little hungry.

“You want ice cream for dinner?” Andrea said.

Now don’t go all health-nut on me, please. The ice cream dinner was delicious, and my medium cone was the perfect amount (although Andrea’s S’mores Sundae did look good). Plus, our local ice cream shop closes at the end of the month, so we felt obligated to pay a visit.

This kind of thing happens all the time at Dynamic Digital Advertising. No, not ice cream (although, we did have ice cream cake last month). But ending up with something you didn’t initially plan on.

We have plenty of clients who come to us with a very specific plan in mind. They want a 5-minute product video, or a 30-page website, or a printed brochure. But often times, once they see everything that we can do here at DDA — from 3D animation to search engine marketing to advanced custom programming — they either change their initial idea or add on one of our countless services.

So the next time you come to DDA looking for a new search engine optimized website, a custom online application, or a nifty new logo, remember that you can also get digital photography, high definition video productions, or spiffy trade show displays. And maybe even some ice cream (if you bring it).

And have no fear, tonight won’t be an ice cream dinner. I’m thinking leftover roast pork sandwiches.