Ignite Your Business with Interactive Marketing That Makes Sense

With the weather finally warming up, everyone has summer on the brain. And with the fourth of July just around the corner, the Philadelphia Daily News decided to look at stores that sell fireworks. What they found was a law that is totally bizarre and makes zero sense.

It turns out that the law is worded in such a way that it is perfectly legal to sell most fireworks in Pennsylvania — but ILLEGAL for Pennsylvania residents to buy them. Therefore, a new Fireworks superstore set up shop in Pennsylvania, just across the Delaware border on I-95. Pennsylvania residents are welcome to work there, but a big sign on the window says Pennsylvania residents are not allowed to SHOP there.

And just to make things even weirder, Maryland has a similar law. That means I can drive to Maryland to buy fireworks if I want, and a friend from Maryland can buy them here. But we can’t shop around the corner from our own houses.

Now, I’m not a big fan of shooting off fireworks (I’d much rather watch from a safe distance as the professionals take care of that), but someone needs to tell me how this kind of law makes any sense at all. I’d love to talk to the politicians and officials who passed it in the first place.

So, as the fourth of July approaches, remember that it’s illegal to get interactive with your fireworks just to impress the neighbors, thanks to a law that makes no sense. But it is perfectly fine to call DDA and let us get interactive for you — now THAT makes sense!

At DDA, we have been pioneering interactive marketing and advertising strategies for years, including interactive games, interactive video, interactive media, and especially interactive websites. We have learned that, often, the most effective or efficient marketing strategies are those that engage the viewer and make them part of the action. Whether it’s through an interactive game, or simply a website that gives the visitor choices to make and questions to answer. By engaging the user or viewer, you are guaranteed to make an impact, instead of wondering if that person read this portion or that portion, or skipped it altogether.

At DDA, we know how to make Interactive work for you. And we make sure to interact with every client on a regular basis, guaranteeing that the finished product is exactly what you had in mind. Contact us today!