A Winning Team

Over the July 4th holiday, my husband and I had a few friends to our house to celebrate. Prior to anyone showing up, we both cleaned the house from top to bottom. Together we were able to get everything cleaned, straightened, and put in its place in almost record time. I’m so glad to have a husband that helps out around the house as much as he does. With my 8-6, four-day week schedule, Fridays and the weekend are days that I fill with errands, household responsibilities, and fun! Monday-Thursday presents a challenge to get anything substantial accomplished. After working ten hours, going to the gym, going food shopping, and getting home with just enough time to put everything away, feed the dog and take her for a walk, watch a TV show or read to wind down, and iron is about all one can manage. That said, I’m so grateful to come home to clean dishes and a straightened house.

It is this team effort that enables my husband and I to get everything done. The same team work is appreciated at Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA). Because our list of advertising services is so extensive, it is typical that a given project – whether it is a video production or a website redesign – will not be the responsibility of one, but of many. This shared responsibility disperses the workload to the appropriate degreed professional and effective communication with a Project Coordinator helps everyone to be on the same page and effectively present items to the client in a timely manner without complication. Everyone that works at DDA is a team player, which allows us to get projects done right and done on time. Just as I know I can rely on my husband to do the dishes, wash the floors, etc., I know I can rely on DDA’s programmers, copywriters, animators, graphic designers, videographers, photographers, SEO specialists, and web developers to work together to complete a project at hand.

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”
-Henry Ford