Arriving Late to the .COM Party

Simply put, the technology used in healthcare today is astounding. Labs and OR suites in many area hospitals are fully equipped with the best and latest medical devices money can buy, while physicians in a variety of therapeutic specialties are continuing medical education through sophisticated eLearning tools with interactive simulation and medical webcasts with online testing for accreditation to perform procedures once only imagined. Advancement and innovation is there, no question about it.

However, the vast majority of medical practices (primary care and referral) are not online, or, if they are, the sites are poor quality and template-based to say the least. Don’t get me wrong, it’s understandable. Change is slow when strict regulatory standards govern your medical marketing practices. But, while change has been happening at a snail’s pace for you, retail, corporate, manufacturing, B2B, and B2C industries have not only taken their “first site” to the next level by redesigning it to better reflect their image and level of professionalism, they have added unique features, interactivity, video, animation, games, and so on. As it seems, the present economy has put their efforts almost at a standstill, which ushers in YOUR PERFECT OPPORTUNITY!

Yes, you arrived late to the .COM party, but you lucked out… it’s only about 9:30 pm and there’s still a whole night left to mingle, drink, eat, and dance your butt off! Plan what you are going to wear with DDA Medical. Among a laundry list of medical marketing services includes medical practice website design and development. Our team of experienced web developers will work with you to produce a website that works with and for your practice.

Oh, and don’t be naive to think no one noticed you were late and as a result dumb-down your efforts because you think your patients aren’t Internet savvy. They are and your tardiness was in fact duly noted by the party patrol. But, again, lucky for you they forgive fairly easy and can’t wait to get this shindig underway.