Awkward and Addicted

I admit that I have a bit of a twisted sense of humor (but really who’s to judge?). I love awkward and uncomfortable moments, and observing and taking part in the reactionary response. What’s  funny is that “awkward” and “uncomfortable” are feelings based on perception, so not everyone responds in the same manner. It’s not that I seek to create these moments, but boy when they happen, I can’t help but to giggle (if at the very least on the inside).

At DDA, we work hard to ensure that when you choose to work with us, you receive a “better-than-expected” experience through transparent business practices and friendly, attention-oriented personnel. That’s said, awkward moments can and do sometimes happen in the workplace. A few months back, we had a meeting with a client with whom we originally worked on a custom website design and development project for in 2007-2008. During the course of the conversation, the client jokingly stated that he was advised against investing in advertising and marketing because “it is easy to become addicted.” My response was courteous, but awkward because I disagreed with the comment made. And this conversation has stuck with me ever since.

With over 100 advertising services at DDA, it is easy to understand that people would be overwhelmed with the possibilities available to them, and continue to stick their hand in the candy jar for that never-satisfied sweet tooth. But not every service is suitable for every client. For example, live webcasting services may be extremely valuable to medical professionals hoping to expand their patient base or connect with colleagues, but these services may not hold as much merit for say a pin company where the real value may be in 360-degree product rotations. Making smart and strategic advertising and marketing decisions based on analysis and competitive intelligence is key at DDA. We would never let you overindulge in something that wasn’t good for you just to earn a buck.