Check This Out

My sister’s dating life is bordering on a comedy routine. I feel bad, but I can’t help but laugh. Since her last serious relationship, she’s been through one dating experience after another ranging from a guy that had trash tattooed on his arm (no really it was a tattoo of a trash pile) to a hippie-type guy that collects rocks and gives them as gifts. And those are the G-rated guys! The other night we had dinner together and I suggested that on her next date, she should whip out a clip board with a checklist so she could weed out the duds for the studs (yes I said it).

I’m thinking that companies looking for a full-service advertising agency should whip out their own checklists when deciding who will develop their website redesign, corporate or medical video production, brochure design, trade show graphicInternet marketing, and more. Ask for examples of previous work, ask for their experience in diverse industries, ask for references, ask for reports, ask if they do the work in house, ask the questions you deem appropriate to ascertain an advertising firm that you can trust not just for a given project, but as a partner in the long term.