Believe it or not, as much as I hate to admit it, I have actually been contemplating an eBook purchase. Since the release of this new technology, I have firmly stated that I prefer the actual book in hand and to feel the pages flip between my fingers. Plus, there’s nothing like going to your own makeshift library or bookshelf and pulling down one of your old favorites for a day at the beach or park. However, it seems to have hit me what a convenience this tool is and how it actually might get me to read more. I wouldn’t say that I’m going to buy one tomorrow; rather I’m going to do my research into the best brands, pricing, accessibility to books I want to read, etc. and it will likely become something I put on my list to Santa. Yes, I still write a list – only Santa no longer has a white beard and lives in the North Pole, he sleeps beside me at night and has premature graying.

I have to say I’m surprised at myself lately for converting to new technology so soon and so easily. About two years ago I actually purchased the older model of a phone because I liked the way it looked more than the newer version with all the bells and whistles. *I never really used my phone anyways.* Now, I have a Blackberry, which keeps me connected to personal email, work email, phone calls, web browsing, online banking, Facebook, and more. I never even wanted to join Facebook, and after my friends begged my husband to set up my account, I’m on quite regularly and just found one of my best childhood friends and reconnected with family I haven’t spoken to in years.

Apparently, converting to today’s new technology is something that I went into begrudgingly, but have found that I’m now able to embrace, my way and on my own terms. The dichotomy is that I have always supported the high-tech advancements used in marketing and advertising, and in some cases, pioneered at our agency. From online video commercials and live webcasts to virtual medical simulations and complex programmed back-end systems, our interactive agency creates the tools that make businesses run more efficiently, provide greater convenience, and increase revenue. And every day, our new business development team speaks to people like me who are accustomed to an old way of doing things and converts them after presenting the seemingly endless projects in our portfolios and explaining our full-service capabilities.

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