Doing Away with Preferences

While my husband and I save our money for a house, we have placed a limit on spending for our vacation this year. Instead of our trips to Cabo San Lucas or the usual Ocean City, this year we’re travelling to Niagara Falls. Although my husband has family along the way to this destination, I’ve never been to this part of the country. When we first made the decision not to go to Cabo, I was secretly disappointed as this is one of my most favorite locations of all time – so much so that we got married there. But after doing some research on the activities, sightseeing, and excursions that Niagara has to offer, I’m really looking forward to the trip!

The same way I have preferences for vacations, I do of advertising projects at DDA. Fully search engine optimized websites with integrated video, animation, and custom programming are my Cabo. I love these projects. After visiting a site like this, you’re left with an extremely positive impression, and just one visit is never enough. Certain types of scriptwriting projects for video productions are my Niagara. At first, I may be hesitant or skeptical, but after working through them, I ultimately come to marvel at the end result. As there is no limit on vacation destinations, there is no limit on advertising services at DDA, which keeps life and work interesting and fun.