Double Check, Triple Check & Check Again

OK… the time has come… I admit that I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Please let me preface this by explaining that I’ve not been clinically diagnosed (so this may or may not be true) and my obsessive nature is directed at only certain things. At home, I make sure that the few chachkas I have hanging around are in order, that every room has balance, so I’m constantly putting things back where they belong. After I lock a door, I check that it’s secured by trying to open it a few times, and the worst is when I set my alarm clock. For some reason, I double and often triple check that it’s on and set for the right time.

This obsessive nature extends into work as well. At our professional advertising agency, there are numerous tasks that I may complete in a day that force me to check and check again to make sure everything is as it should be. When I’m proofreading copywriting for brochure or sell sheet, I take my time to ensure that I’ve caught all spelling and grammar mistakes and I’ll often reread items for clarity and flow. When I’m coordinating a video or website, I make sure that every item is being addressed, referencing what is needed as I go to be certain that nothing is overlooked. When I’m corresponding with clients through email, I make sure everyone necessary is CC:’d, that the email addresses are correct, and that the content reads well.

I’m not saying that mistakes don’t happen. It’s life… they do. But I think it’s the fear of the worst and a hope for the best that keeps me anal and obsessive. Enough of my rant; back to work!