Finding the Right Talent

It can be said that creative people are unconventional and maybe downright strange. Working in an advertising agency like Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA), one sees a broad spectrum of highly creative individuals from programmers who write complex code that improves online efficiency and usability to copywriters who use words skillfully to improve content clarity and style. Each of us possess an important talent or capability that when combined, create a powerful machine that produces marketing and training materials that embody what was only previously limited to the imagination. (I suppose you could equate the staff at DDA to the Planeteers from the TV show Captain Planet, minus the theme song!)

Yes, our staff is comprised of creative people who think WAY outside the box, but so are the actors, actresses, and voice over artists in our Actors’ Network. Click Gallery One and Gallery Two to view. Overall, the Network is full of professionals who are directors of improvisation groups; acting coaches and teachers; actors on TV shows, in movies and musicals; doctors; business owners, ex-FBI agents, and so on. Acting is, in and of itself, creative and sometimes an actor can be a little quirky. In fact, a few weeks ago, an actor was cast for an important interactive website we are in the process of developing that includes embedded video synchronized with supporting elements. On screen the actor was on mark; off screen the actor adamantly requested nothing but reverse osmosis water with his lunch, which consisted of a delicate balance of iodine rich foods that he claims can cure various diseases. To each their own I say.

Working with these actors on various projects like virtual learning environments and medical simulations, one gets a good handle on the quirks that are associated with each. We help our clients choose the right talent for their projects, factoring everything from age and ethnicity to dialect and wardrobe so that they appeal to the demographic profile of the target audience. We do all of this so you don’t have to, but more importantly so that the spokesperson in your marketing materials represents your company in the best light.

If you’re looking for the right creative talent for your next project, you’ll find it at DDA.