Finding what you’re looking for?

Have you ever entered a search query on Google and get frustrated by virtually irrelevant sponsored ads and first-page results that are peppered with broad stroke listings that really only achieved high rankings not due to content relevancy, but rather how many other sites link or point to them?

If so, you’re not alone. I too share in your frustration. DDA’s search engine optimization and website design and development strategies work to help both corporate and medical websites climb to the top position on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN. This is nothing new for us, we’ve done it for years – well before “search engine marketing” became a known term – and we’ve acquired an award for One of the Most Dependable Search Engine Marketing Firms in the U.S. from Goldline Research. Much work goes into building such optimized websites and although it’s rewarding to see our client’s sites on the first-page results for relevant terms, it can be frustrating to see them trumped in position by a Wikipedia page or an article. Still, we work hard through continued optimization enhancement to build a site big enough and more relevant to the searcher to conquer that top position and bring it to its rightful owner (i.e. our client). But I digress…

In some instances custom search engines might just be the key to providing searchers with exactly what they are looking for. They can be added to just about any website or blog. So, say you’re perusing someone’s foodie blog in search of a particular cultural recipe. With a custom search engine included in the blog, you might just be able to find the exact recipe that leaves your mouth watering for pictures of the dish, alternative ingredients, and so on and so forth. For me, custom search engines are just another weapon in the SEO arsenal to provide searchers with the information they seek.