Help Advance Medical Knowledge

For many, the perception of clinical trials is that of a group of human volunteers acting as “test dummies” for drug, medical device, or biologic treatments. The risk factor has been a notorious deterrent from encouraging those who are eligible to participate. BUT, for others, the perception is a bit more positive; that the trial is the best quality of care for their disease as they have tried alternative treatments without success or that they are helping to advance medical knowledge to in turn help others.

Regardless of how you feel about clinical trials, they are important to further benefit the healthcare of people around the world, keeping those you love most alive and helping alleviate pain or other harmful symptoms. At DDA Medical, we understand the conflicting perceptions of clinical trials and, as a result, know how to market them to physicians and patients, so that medical device, biotech, or pharmaceutical companies are able to meet their enrollment quotas.

Direct-to-consumer and direct-to-physician clinical trial marketing can be in the form of medical brochures with engaging and informative medical writing, medical websites with search engine optimization copywriting, medical billboard advertising, radio advertising, and much more. DDA Medical can help you narrow down a targeted approach that works best for your clinical trial and create the individual promotional pieces or the full-fledged campaign that drives participation and broad-based interest.