How to Market your Medical Practice with Physician Profile Videos

Today, patients have their choice of doctors and want to find the right one who will deliver the highest quality care. They want to feel comfortable that they have made a smart decision on whom to entrust with their health and well-being. Referrals are still a great way for you to grow your practice, but being proactive by producing a physician profile video will help ensure that new patient acquisition is a success. Physician videos give you a voice and a platform to speak openly about you, your experiences, and the medical practice you represent.

If done poorly, an unprofessional video will make even the most esteemed physician appear like a novice. It’s important that the video be filmed in high definition, the transitions from close-up physician interview shots blend seamlessly with facility and personnel footage, and the content provide viewers with the information they need to make an educated decision on the doctor they choose. Not to mention, if the purpose of the video is to be embedded on a medical practice website, it needs to play without error, provide easy navigation, and complement the branding elements already in place.

Below is a list of topics to include in your physician profile video:

  • Languages – Depending on the demographics of your patients, the ability to speak multiple languages can be essential for clear and coherent communication. Speak a line in your video in Spanish and you may just open a door to an entire new patient demographic you never thought to explore.
  • Specialties & Credentials – Your areas of specialty may become a patient’s deciding factor, so this is a topic to emphasize. List your credentials and explain them in detail, so the end user understands just how qualified you are to treat their specific disease, disorder, or condition.
  • Education, Lectures, & Publications – Have you lectured at national or international conferences? Do you have an important article published in a relevant medical journal? If so, be sure to tout your accomplishments. It will make you appear as the expert you are. Also, note your educational background. Your attendance at a prestigious university may actually compel a patient to call and make an appointment.
  • Biography – Your biography is an opportunity for patients to get to know you, what drives you to practice medicine, why you have specialized, what you enjoy doing when you’re not treating patients, and what helps you live a healthy lifestyle.

DDA Medical has a video division solely devoted to the production of high-quality, professional videos for broadcast, DVD, and the Web. Whether we shoot in our state-of-the-art studios or on location, or edit between a combination of the two, DDA has the talent and equipment to produce a physician profile video that drives high medical practice volume. Contact us at 215-355-6442 or to learn more.