I call a protest!

I call a protest! What am I protesting you may ask? Physicians, dentists, or other specialists that believe it is enough to provide prospective or existing patients with a medical practice website that is template in appearance and limited in content to their contact information. As it is my hope that health insurance becomes more accessible for all, so it is that the people who have acquired said insurance will demand more information from their attending doctor.

In this day and age, I should be able to visit my doctor’s website and find out about the full list of services they offer, so that I can discuss options during consultations. I should be able to see a list of referred physicians within their acquired network, so that I am not sent to a specialist blindsided without knowing his/her competences. I should be able to learn about the educational and applied experience of my doctor and his/her colleagues within the practice, so that regardless of who is able to see me at my scheduled appointment, I know that I’m in good hands. I should be able to establish their hospital affiliations, if applicable, so that I (and my family) will know where I am to go in the event of an emergency. I should be able to request an appointment and/or a prescription note online, so that I don’t need to waste my lunch or company time to do so.

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