In the Throws of Web Development

Developing a search engine optimized website takes careful planning and conceptualization, outlines and organization, content generation and graphic design, and much more. With so many strategic processes involved, one must expend time, maintain patience, and sustain dedication to see it through to frutition. At our full-service advertising agency, we are in the throws of developing a new division called DDA Corporate and Medical Training.

We’re proud to say that this is the third official division of DDA; others include DDA Video and DDA Medical. When finished, the DDA Corporate and Medical Training website will feature search engine optimization (SEO) copywriting for lead generation, engaging graphic design for appeal and easy navigation, an Intelligent Spokespersonvideo for interactive guideance, and a comprehensive portfolio for examples of our capabilities in advanced training solutions.

It’s very exciting to see, first hand, all the pieces of the site come together seamlessly. It’s my hope that after the site is launched, it will prove to be a valuable tool as we take our business to new heights. Stay tuned as we introduce this new division and further evolve the full-service offering of DDA.