Laying the Foundation

One of the many tasks I have as a search engine optimization (SEO) copywriter is to develop a content plan that essentially lays the ground work from which to build the contents of the site in order for it to achieve the highest possible rankings for all relative keywords on top search engines, such as Google, Yahoo!, and MSN. This step – just like that of a script outline per yesterday’s blog post – is often time-consuming, but helps the rest of the website development process go smoothly for effective results.

Just as a construction worker measures the parameters of a space, analyzes the terrain, and pours sustainable concrete into a predetermined area for a strong foundation of a house that will be structurally sound for years to come, online seo copywriters evaluate the industry and market segment, research all pertinent keywords, and organize findings into an optimized format that contributes to high rankings at launch and for the life of the website.

As a leading seo website design and development company, DDA believes in taking all of the necessary steps for successful websites that do not serve just as brochures, but viable online businesses, generating leads that convert into clients or customers. We take the necessary time to get things right from the start and throughout the course of a project for the best results possible. So, back to work… I’ve got to put on my gloves and lay the foundation for a new website!