Learn Something New Every Day

Education doesn’t end when you hold your degree in your hand. Rather, in one perspective, it just begins. As you enter the world and implement the knowledge gained, there are still new things to learn all the time. Even when you think you know all there is to know about a specific area, you’re sometimes slapped in the face with something you didn’t know. Our world is constantly evolving, shifting focus, and advancing. As a result, one can never utter, “there’s nothing left for me to learn.”

Today, I’m learning about online reputation monitoring as a service we provide and are trying to promote it to the corporate and medical companies with which we work. If you know anything about reputation monitoring, then you’d see the irony in me blogging about the subject with a positive spin. YES, I’m huge advocate of free speech! I’m a professional writer, and one would expect nothing less. However, I believe, in turn, that when one has a complaint about a business, one should deal with the subject at hand through the proper channels.

Unhappy with the service your physician provided? Change doctors, talk to your friends about the problems you experienced so they don’t fall into the same position, write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper, or find the doctor on a local online portal and give them a low ranking. You don’t need to become obsessive and resort to unethical measures to ensure that your voice is heard. For this reason, I’m eager to write about reputation monitoring for our DDA Search Engine Marketing website. This will be included as one of our many Internet marketing and search engine optimization services so that companies can maintain a reputable brand regardless of an angry customer or disgruntled employee seeking public revenge.