Making Patients Aware of their Options

Although, I am not one of those people that contact their doctor for a prescription drug at the onset of something out of the ordinary. (Quite the opposite really. I prefer to turn to a natural home remedy before anything else.) I am, however, blown away by the advancements made on a regular basis in the medical field. The innovation behind medical devices like implantable neurostimulators and continuous glucose monitoring devices, and procedures like coronary artery bypass grafting and single incision incontinence slings blows me away.

But how does the average patient find out about such encouraging medical treatments aside from being informed by his or her doctor, who may in fact hold a bias for one reason or another? Gaining creditbility, compliance, and acceptance among medical professionals is essential for medical device manufacturers, but direct-to-consumer medical advertising is a critical component in device marketing that should not be overlooked. Make sure patients are aware of their options and advertise your treatment through medical brochures, medical website designs, medical CD-ROMs, medical videos, medical eLearning tools, and more from DDA Medical. We have the capability to produce these advertising materials and other healthcare IT media from start to finish in house. Plus, we even have the capability to appeal to critics like me!